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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Prescott School Board delays action on school milk contract

The Prescott School Board unanimously approved a motion to gather bids for the district's school milk contract at its monthly meeting Monday evening.

The board had been prepared to act on a proposal on its agenda to grant the milk contract to CESA District 11 -  the state's cooperative education service provider which Prescott is a member for the northwest region,  which gets its milk from Dean Foods and delivers directly to district schools. Currently the district gets its milk from Ptacek's IGA, which has been used to limited storage capacity in district building up until the opening of the new high school.

But Board President Mark Helmer stated he felt uncomfortable simply granting CESA 11 the new milk contract without putting it out for competitive bidding to other potentially interested suppliers. He also didn't think the cost differential was significant from what district currently spending to CESA 11's proposal to grant CESA the milk contract either and that the district would be better off getting a range of bids to choose from  Board members agreed and approved the motion to gather milk contract bids. 

This item and more will be in the Prescott Journal's report on the school board meeting in the April 27 edition of the Journal.

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