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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Prescott City Council gives Borner Farm 60-day permit at meeting

The Prescott City Council unanimously gave the Borner Farm a conditional 60-day use permit for its popular Pizza Night events which take place every other Friday from June until October. The council took its action in front of a packed house of citizens at the city council chambers Monday evening, April 24 in the City Building. All members and Mayor Dave Hovel were present.

The farm is located in a residential area on Walnut St. and a special use permit was granted back in 2015 for Pizza Nights to take place 13 or 14 Friday nights per year from July through October, which have grown quite popular. They also have received beer and wine licenses as well. However, this has caused problems with neighbors of the farm in matters of parking and the large number of people who are attending the event, particularly in the summer months. 

A year ago in June a petition was drawn up and 13 persons, all living on Walnut St. near the farm, signed it asking for Pizza Nights to be discontinued due to not just parking issues but also traffic congestion and the fact commercial activity is going on at the farm with beer and wine along with pizza sales.

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The Prescott City Council chambers were full for Monday's meeting concerning the Borner Farm and special use permit. Photo by Jack Hoschette

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