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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Prescott City Council gets update on Shiely lawsuit

The Prescott City Council received an update on a lawsuit filed against the city by Lake St. residents John and Helen Shiely during its meeting Monday evening.

The Shielys, who live on Lake St., are suing the city for not enforcing codes against swimming, fishing, pets, commercial paddling, windsurfing and other activities which are taking place off of a waterfront turnaround easement the Shielys own. The Shielys believe such activities are leading to noise, public health, and quality of life problems which are affecting them. They also stated they had approached the city about these problems but did not received an adequate response. The Shielys want damages in excess of $50,000 plus full enforcement of city codes. The lawsuit was filed back in May of 2015.

The city has asked the judge in the case to dismiss the lawsuit. The Shielys have asked that a 1995 lawsuit they filed against the city be re-opened. The judge in the case turned this request down but the Shielys are appealing the ruling. The Shileys also filed suit against the City of Prescott back in 2011 as well.


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