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Friday, April 14, 2017

Kind returns over $100,000 from office budget back to U.S. Treasury

LA CROSSE U.S. Rep. Ron Kind recently announced that he is returning $105,017.99 to the U.S. Treasury to pay down the national debt. Rep. Kind has found savings in his Congressional budget every year since taking office and has returned over $1.77 million to taxpayers.

“Ever since my time working for Senator Bill Proxmire of Wisconsin, investigating wasteful government spending programs for his Golden Fleece Award, I have worked to find ways to save taxpayer money,” said Rep. Kind. “I approach my office budget the same way thousands of Wisconsinites approach their family budgets, by looking to find areas to save and ways to maximize money. Today, I am proud to announce that in 2016 my office was able to return over $105,017 to pay down the national debt.”

Throughout his time in Congress, Kind has continuously worked to promote fiscal responsibility.

“I recognize that this is a small part of the federal budget, but savings starts at home. I will continue to work to find savings in the larger federal budget. This year there will be an opportunity to for savings in the Farm Bill by reforming agricultural subsidies that benefit large agribusinesses as opposed to family farmers. We can also find savings in our defense budget and by addressing rising health care costs,” said Rep. Kind.

With a recent report by a nonpartisan defense commission finding over $125 billion in government waste at the Pentagon, Rep. Kind will continue the push to make the Defense Department more efficient before continuing wasteful programs.

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