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Thursday, March 30, 2017

Public comment period will provide opportunity to give feedback regarding preliminary antlerless harvest quota

MADISON -- Wisconsin County Deer Advisory Councils (CDACs) have released their preliminary deer antlerless quota, permit level, and season structure recommendations for the 2017 deer hunting season., A public comment period will be open from April 3 - 13 to collect feedback on the preliminary recommendations.

To provide your feedback and to learn more about County Deer Advisory Councils, visit dnr.wi.gov and search keyword "CDAC."

Antlerless quota recommendations will help determine the number of antlerless permits available for the 2017 deer hunting season and help the Department of Natural Resources and councils work to achieve the three-year population objective in their county.

"CDACs are considering the three-year population objective and factors like harvest data, population trends, browse impacts on habitat, and winter severity when they discuss quota recommendations and permit levels," said Kevin Wallenfang, DNR big game ecologist. "Public input continues to be a critical component of CDAC recommendations."

Once the public comment period has ended, each council will reconvene to evaluate feedback received from the public and to determine final recommendations for the DNR. All meetings are open to the public, and provide the opportunity for attendees to address the council. Meetings will take place from April 17-20 and details for each county can be found at dnr.wi.gov and search keyword 

People who would like to receive email updates and other information regarding deer hunting and season structure in Wisconsin, can visit the DNR website, dnr.wi.gov, and click on the email icon near the bottom of the page for "subscribe for updates for DNR topics." Follow the prompts and select "white-tailed deer" within the "hunting" list.

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