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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Pechacek announces retirement for her and Cobblestone

Barb Pechacek was going through boxes and boxes of materials in the basement of her Cobblestone Gifts and Decorative Accessories store last week and found an old brochure and map of businesses in Prescott.

There was Adam’s Alley, Berg’s Rock Shop, Calico Country, Glass Rainbow, Yankee Bugler, Croix Coffee, Scott and Rita Miller’s Taxidermy and Wildlife place, the Slipp Inn and Split Wood Clothing.

And of course the Steamboat Inn.

Pechacek can look upon this old brochure and map and realize the Cobblestone and Scott Miller’s are the last one’s left on Broad St. and in Prescott. Not even the Steamboat is around anymore.

And pretty soon The Cobblestone won’t be either.

“It’s time. You know when it’s time and that time has arrived,” Pechacek said as she plans on retiring and closing The Cobblestone by the end of May. She’s announced plans for a clearance sale for this spring starting this week with almost all items at 30 percent off.  She still plans on doing floral arraignments for weddings and proms up until the end.

Read the rest of this story in the print edition of the Prescott Journal, on newsstands and in town this afternoon.

Barb Pechacek at her store The Cobblestone.

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