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Saturday, February 4, 2017

WisDOT's Super Bowl Sunday safety message - Football fans should not let their fellow fans drive drunk

There undoubtedly will be big hits and violent collisions on the field during the Super Bowl, but law enforcement agencies will do their best to prevent them on roadways this Sunday.

"Last year, there were four traffic fatalities in Wisconsin on Super Bowl Sunday, and the goal this year is to have zero," says David Pabst, director of the Wisconsin Department of Transportation's (WisDOT) Bureau of Transportation Safety. "Law enforcement agencies will be particularly focused on preventing drunken driving on Super Bowl Sunday because fans will be at bars and parties before, during, and after the game. That's why we are urging fans to not let their fellow fans drive drunk."

The key to avoiding a drunken driving arrest or crash is to have a game plan ready for designating a sober driver or finding alternative transportation. For a safe and fun Super Bowl celebration, WisDOT offers the following life-saving advice:

* Download the Zero In Wisconsin Drive Sober mobile app for free at zeroinwisconsin.gov<http://www.zeroinwisconsin.gov/>. The Driver Sober app has a "Find a Ride" feature, blood alcohol estimator, and a designated driver selector to help you get home safely.

* If you're hosting a party, serve food and have non-alcoholic beverages available. Take care of your guests, and don't let them drive if they're impaired.

* Don't serve any amount of alcohol to anyone under the age of 21. Wisconsin's Absolute Sobriety Law prohibits drivers under age 21 from having any alcohol in their system while behind the wheel.

* If you're feeling buzzed, you're probably over the 0.08 limit and risk being arrested for operating while intoxicated if you drive.

* Bars and restaurants participating in the Safe Ride Program can provide a ride home for patrons. Visit www.tlw.org<http://www.tlw.org> for more information.

* If you see a vehicle traveling erratically and suspect the driver may be impaired, call 911 (as soon as you can make the call safely).

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