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Sunday, February 19, 2017

Rep. Kind Introduces Higher Education Action Plan in meeting with leaders from Wisconsin Technical Colleges

WASHINGTON D.C. - Congressman Ron Kind introduced his Higher Education Action Plan during a meeting with students and leaders from Wisconsin Technical Colleges. Rep. Kind’s plan takes a comprehensive approach toward preparing Wisconsin students for success in their education program, ensuring they have access to affordable education, and creating the opportunity for them to get a job after they have earned their degree.

“Investing in higher education and helping more Wisconsin students afford education is one of the smartest decisions we can make as a nation. I look forward to working with students, parents, and educators on policies that prepare Wisconsin students for success in their education, ensure they have access to affordable education, and create the opportunity for them to get a job when they earn their degree,” said Rep. Kind.

“Technical colleges are a huge component in being able to expand the economic recovery. We can serve students who come out of high school and can be a changer for individuals who are wanting to change their lives. Technical colleges often serve the working poor, and we are proud to offer the opportunity to change people’s lives. To continue that we need our federal partners to help make that happen in Wisconsin and across the country,” said Colleen Bates, Chair of Board of Directors at Chippewa Valley Technical College.

“Graduating with high student debt is a fear of incoming freshman and a reality of outgoing seniors.  Ensuring access to federal loan and grant programs is a priority for students just as students have been a priority for Congressman Kind. I’m glad to see that Congressman Kind’s Higher Education Action Plan will help students start life after graduation without the burden of student loan debt, and find good paying jobs here in Wisconsin,” said Patrick Brever, Senior at UW-La Crosse.

Rep. Kind’s plan to help Wisconsin students succeed consist of three key principles:

  • Set Wisconsin High School Students up for Success in Higher Education
    • For many of our students, success in higher education starts in high school. We need to make sure our rural schools and teachers have the resources they need to prepare their students and that students know their options. 
  • Make Higher Education Programs More Affordable
    • We need to increase affordability for all Wisconsinites attending a technical college, 2-year school, job training program, or a four-year university. This means making sure all students have access to affordable financial aid programs to help pay for their education.
  • Prepare Wisconsin Students to Compete in Job Market
    • Receiving a degree or certificate is important, but we need to make sure that once Wisconsinites have that they are competing for good-paying jobs that allow them to support their families, pay their loans, buy a house, and save for retirement. 

With over 12 college campuses in Wisconsin’s Third Congressional District and graduates entering the job market with on average over $28,000 in student loan debt, Rep. Kind has long championed policies to give Wisconsin students access to affordable education.

When Congress reauthorizes the Higher Education Act, later this year, Rep. Kind will work to get many of these proposals included in that bill. 

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