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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Prescott City Council reviews Prescott PD 2016 report

The Prescott City Council reviewed the end-of-year report for 2016 for the Prescott Police Department submitted by Chief Gary Krutke at its most recent meeting Monday, Jan. 23 at the city building.

All council members were present except for alderpersons Jack Hoschette and Bill Dravis.
The report stated that the department was understaffed for much of last year as Officer Stewart had to spend a great deal of time working on the Douglas Bailey-Rose Marie Kuehni case while Officer Luke Schladweiler left the department for the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department. The department wasn’t able to get back to normal staffing levels and activity levels in patrol and community policing until the fall with the addition of Officers Ryan Most and Bryan Massman as full-timer officers. This shortage of personnel did not coincide with a decrease in calls for such calls went up last year with 4,266 calls for service in 2016 compared to 3,324 in 2015. 

With staffing levels back up and the Bailey-Kuehni case completed, the Prescott PD will deal with what is projected to be upswings in both drug cases and traffic problems in 2017 according to the report. The department has deployed a mobile speed enforcement trailer along maintaining a patrol and enforcement presence in the Jefferson/Wacota street area to deal with citizen concerns over speeding. The departments has just completed a study of traffic patterns in the 700-900 block of Canton St. and is also deploying the mobile enforcement unit to see if increased traffic enforcement is needed in this area of town

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