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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Rep. Kind Calls out Pentagon over Report of $125 Billion in Wasted Taxpayer Money

La Crosse, WI – U.S. Rep. Kind expressed his concern after investigative reporters at the Washington Post found that the Pentagon had hidden evidence of $125 billion dollars in wasted taxpayer money. Hiding this report makes it hard to fix the problems, since the public is clearly not being told what is broken.

“The recent news that the Pentagon hide a report that detailed over $125 billion dollars in wasted government money is deeply disturbing, and exactly the type of waste of taxpayer dollars that the late Wisconsin Senator Bill Proxmire and I have fought against. It is also displays a complete lack of the transparency that I have fought to ensure people have from their government. We owe it to our children and grandchildren to make smart investments in support of our troops not increasing the national debt,” said Rep. Kind.

Rep. Kind has long fought to cut wasteful spending and increase government transparency. Earlier this year he introduced the Wasteful Defense Spending Reduction Act, which puts in place an expedited process to cut wasteful defense spending and pay down the national debt. In the coming months, he will continue to hold the Administration and Congress accountable for any waste of taxpayer money.

In addition, his legislation to increase transparency and require the Office of the Inspector General to share work products with any individual or entity that requests it and post final reports on the their website was signed into law. 

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