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Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Prescott City Council approves plans for Vista Croix, DMC

Construction plans for both the proposed Vista Croix development and the new plant of Diversified Manufacturing Company (DMC) were approved by the Prescott City Council at its monthly meeting Tuesday evening.

The council unanimously voted to approved the site plans for both developments which included plans for landscaping, water and sewer, traffic flow and power.

There was some objection to the slopes of the landscape of Vista Croix plan. The developement is located on the site of the former Steamboat Inn right along the St. Croix River. The DNR gave its approval so long as the plan fit with conditional use permits and variances issued by the City Councl back in 2011 which the council determined it did.

Vista Croix hopes to break ground on their proposed condominiums with bar and restaurant included in March while no timeline has been set yet for groundbreaking at the DMC site, which is on land next to UNFI. 

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