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Saturday, November 12, 2016

Vista Croix project to be revised, go back to Planning Commission

Certain elements of plans for the Vista Croix project will have to be revised and come back for the the City of Prescott's Planning Commission. The Commission went over the plans at its meeting last Monday.

Those elements include stormwater collection on the Vista Croix property and water piping. Prescott Mayor Dave Hovel also expressed concerns about parking with the proposal as he feel there needs to be more parking spaces created with the project. There are also questions on who would be responsible for improvements and maintenance of existing trails on the property, which used to be were the old Steamboat Inn was located, which is currently state Department of Transportation and thus public property The DOT reportedly is requiring agreements over these questions be done with the city and not the developer.

Work and revisions on the Vista Croix plans will continue with involvement from the DOT, Department of Natural Resources and the city until plans are resubmitted to the Planning Commission again for approval and the to the city council for final approval.

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