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Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Prescott Food Pantry to keep options open on expansion plans

Plans for the Prescott Food Pantry’s expansion have been put on hold as Food Pantry Director Pete French said the Food Pantry is exploring its options for other potential locations in Prescott. 

French made his remarks during the Kiwanis Club International – Prescott Chapter’s weekly noon luncheon last week Thursday at the United Church of Christ in Prescott.

The Food Pantry’s expansion plans on a conditional use permit were opposed by neighbors living in the Wacota and Jefferson Street areas the corner of which, right now a pasture, the planned new Prescott Area Food Pantry was to go. The city’s Planning Commission gave the proposal a negative recommendation to the full city council when it came up last month. The council directed the plans be revised for that same location at its last meeting a month ago and go back for further discussion by the Planning Commission. Yet there was nothing on the agenda of the latest Planning Commission meeting, which was held this week Monday, Nov. 7, on the Food Pantry.

“We have a Letter of Credit if we find a place to build. We’re keeping our options open and we’ll keep looking for a place here in the community,” French said. “We don’t want to be involved in any neighborhood arguments.”

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