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Monday, November 21, 2016

Oak Grove Town Board meeting tonight to discuss gun range proposal

OAK GROVE TWP. - A proposal for a conditional use permit for a gun range for the Prescott Sportsman's Club will go before the Oak Grove Town Board at their month meeting Monday evening starting at 7:30 p.m. The topic is item No. 11 on the agenda of 12 items.

The permit would allow of a 40-acre gun range to be established at the Prescott Sportsman's Club new clubhouse on property it owns at 620th Ave. in the township.

The proposal for the permit has engendered strong opposition from nearby residents and their opposition and the questions about noise in particular have forced the permit proposal to be discussed and debated for the past three months in front of the town's Planning Commission and Town Board.

The town's Plan Commission met on Nov. 10 and gave a negative recommendation to the proposal. The full board has to vote on it permit tonight and if it passes, it also has to pass the Pierce County Land Management Committee as well. 

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