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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Election results in nation, state, county and locally all point to GOP win

Local election results in western Pierce County did not deviate from the numbers nationally or across the state of Wisconsin which meant the Prescott joined in the wins of Republicans Donal Trump for President and Ron Johnson as U.S. Senator.

In the two high profile races on the Pierce County ballot, both Trump and Sen. Johnson won the nation, the state, Pierce County and the Prescott area.

Republican Trump carried Pierce County with 11,260 votes which beat out Democrat Hilary Clinton's 8,380 votes while Libertarian Gary Johnson gained 1,044 votes and Green Party nominee Jill Stein had 281 votes.

In western Pierce County, Trump won the City of Prescott by a total of 1,136 votes to Clinton's 850 votes to Johnson's 96 votes and Stein's 37. In the townships the vote totals were as follows:

Oak Grove - Trump 761, Clinton 433, Johnson 69, Stein 9
Clifton - Trump 694, Clinton 447, Johnson 46, Stein 11
Diamond Bluff - Trump 184, Clinton 73, Johnson 12, Stein 1

The statewide margin for Trump turned out to be a very close margin of 26,788 votes with nearly 100 precincts counted. Trump had 1,404,376 votes to Clinton's 1,377,588 while Johnson tallied 106,091 votes and Stein had 30,899.

In the U.S. Senate race, Sen. Johnson was re-elected over former Senator Feingold by nearly 100,000 votes statewide, 1,474,345 to 1,375,992 and Libertarian Phil Anderson's 87,004 votes. Johnson carried Pierce County with 11,420 votes to Feingold's 8.345 and Anderson's 806. The breakdown in vote totals in western Pierce County were as follows:

City of Prescott - Johnson 1,136, Feingold 882, Anderson 92
Town of Oak Grove - Johnson 787, Feingold 440, Anderson 50
Town of Clifton - Johnson 744, Feingold 440, Anderson 23
Town of Diamond Bluff - Johnson 177, Feingold 83, Anderson 6

In all other races incumbent candidates went unopposed and were re-elected.

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