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Sunday, November 6, 2016

Busy agenda for Prescott City Planning Commission's meeting

The City of Prescott's Planning Commission has a lengthy agenda for its upcoming meeting Monday evening starting at 6:30 p.m. at the City Building at 800 Borner St.

The Commission will consider a proposed micro-brewery to go in on Broad St. where the old dentist office was located. The updated plan is include a micro-brewery along with a proposed bistro in the building. The Commission will also look at plans for the Vista Croix project which include site grading, soil erosion control, utilites, stormwater runoff and the complete building plan for the project to go on the site of the former Steamboat Inn on the corner of Hwys. 35 and 10 just off the bridge. A certified survey map for the Eagle Ridge Business Park is also under consideration. It is this area where a proposed new business will locate itself in Prescott.

The commission will listen to reports on recent building inspections and hear a report on the rcent sale of EdgeBuilder/Glenbrook Lumber.

The aforementioned action items will also go before the Prescott City Council on its Nov. 14 meeting with or without the Planning Commission's recommendation. 


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