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Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Prescott Area Food Pantry looking at new home

A new building and grounds for the Prescott Food Pantry will be discussed at a hearing during the next Prescott City Council meeting on Oct. 10 at 6:30 p.m. in the city building at 800 Borner St. It was also discussed at a meeting of the city’s Planning Commission this week.

Food Pantry Director Pete French said a new facility is needed because the current site at the POWR Building on Canton and St. Croix streets simply has no more room to meet a growing clientele.

“We’re out of room and we’re out of space to grow,” French said. “The space we have now is no good for the freezer and refrigeration units we have which puts too much heat into the building and is not good for the dry food we currently store.”

And without more space, it will be hard to impossible to provide more food for the growing numbers of families and individuals who use the Pantry.

“We now have 170 families which comes to 500 individuals within those families within the area of the Prescott School District,” French said. “Those numbers have increased over the past six years and I’m not expecting them to decline. You may have low unemployment and you may have more people working. But when you’ve got to work two or three part-time jobs, sometime those ends don’t even meet. We fill a gap for them but we need more room to do so.”

Read more of this story in this week's print edition of the Prescott Journal on newsstands and in town on Wednesday. 

The Prescott Food Pantry is looking for a new facility from its current location shown here in the POWR building on Canton and St. Croix streets in Prescott.

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