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Monday, October 24, 2016

Choir concert to open new auditorium at PHS

A concert of both the high school and middle school choirs will take place in the brand new auditorium at Prescott High School this evening at 6 p.m.

In the past school concerts would be held in the high school or middle school gymnasiums. Now a brand new auditorium is ready for use by the whole Prescott community.

Prescott Schools Choir Director Brittany Kamrath is very excited to be opening the new auditorium with its first show, especially when it comes to sound.

"The acoustics in the auditorium are absolutely phenomenal. The sound system is very high quality, so hopefully our days of squeaky microphones are over!  The choirs will finally sound, in concert, the way that they sound when we rehearse in class." Kamrath said.

To get a peak inside the new auditorium read this week's Prescott Journal, on newsstands and in town on Wednesday.
Piano and risers all ready for tonight's choir concert, the first at the new community auditorium at Prescott High School.

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