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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Team Newton looks forward to MHARF challenge this weekend at U

CLIFTON – There’s something more important than a blue ribbon at stake at the Minnesota Horse and Animal Rescue Foundation (MHARF) University of Minnesota Team Challenge Horse Show at the Leatherdale Equine Center on the St. Paul campus this Saturday starting at 9 a.m.

While winning the top prize for their horse Newton is desired by the members of Team Newton, the group which has trained and taken care of him since last spring at the Wrisky Ranch, more than anything the members of Team Newton hope to find a home for him.

The Challenge, for those partaking in it, was for teams to train a rescue horse who, after several months, could compete in a horse show and be adoptable to prospective buyers.
From that standpoint, Newton has done quite well since he arrived at the Wrisky Ranch, which is located on 1170th St. in Clifton Township.

“When he first came here, he had no respect for anyone,” said Team Newton member Brandi Navarro said. “He didn’t know anything other than allowing us to lead him.”

More than that, Newton had been ridden by exactly no one.

“No had ever put a saddle on him and rode him,” Team Newton member Carol Burnett said.

Luckily for the Team Newton members: Navarro, Burnett, Rochelle Wrisky and Taylor and Missy Merritt, Newton has trained well for months he’s been at Wrisky Ranch. He finally was saddled and ridden and walks and cantors well too. He also was able to do the jumps necessary for competition.

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Three members of Team Newton at the Wrisky Ranch are (From left) Brandi Navarro, Rochelle Wrisky and Carol Bernett stand by their horse Newton, who is decorated with the ribbons he’s won in recent shows, as he gets ready for the big horse show competition at the University of Minnesota this weekend. Also members of Team Newton are Taylor and Missy Merritt.

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