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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Promise of a new high school building fulfilled and beckoned at PHS

Prescott School Superintendent Dr. Rick Spicuzza reminded all those attending the grand opening ceremony for the new Prescott High School building Monday evening that while one journey has ended another begins starting right now.

“The completion of this building is not an end but a beginning,” Dr. Spicuzza said. “We have to seize the opportunities this new building presents for our students and our district and not be satisfied with just its completion.”

The ending and beginning process was the main theme running through the opening ceremony which saw speeches from Dr. Spicuzza, PHS Principal Dave Vortherms, former Superintendent Roger Hulne, Prescott Mayor Dave Hovel, Class of 2017 member Grace Carey, Clint Selle of Bray Architects and Tim  Kippenhan, Vice President and COO of Miron Construction.

Thank yous were also a significant part of the ceremony as citizens from across the school district who had a hand in the design and implementation of the new high school project were honored. This included current members of the Prescott School Board along with recent past members Tom Magnan, April Schmitz and Dan Smaida. All those who took part will have their names on a special plaque which will go inside the building.

Vortherms said at least 100 persons in the community had a role in getting the building planned, constructed and built and advocated for as well.

Read the rest of the story in this week's Prescott Journal, on newsstands and in town Wednesday.

Prescott School District Superintendent Dr. Rick Spicuzza speaks at last night's grand opening ceremony of the new Prescott High School.


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