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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Prescott to Louisiana connection delivers aid to flood stricken families

The TV cameras and national politicians and the commentators may be long gone but their lack of presence doesn’t mean a lack of need still exists in Louisiana.

Record-breaking rains flooded communities which had never experienced flooding before, not evening during the worst of hurricanes which have hit the state many, many times. People without expensive flood insurance on their homes because they did not think they needed it, lost everything when the rains totaled 23 inches in some spots and not much less in others in a wide area north of New Orleans which extended from southwest Louisiana all the way to the Mississippi border with Baton Rouge in between.

“There were flooded out homes we helped to gut about 45 miles west of Baton Rouge which housed just renters and they lost everything,” Lonette Ramsay said. “And you still had people living in their moldy homes or home with just the studs and no walls who also lost everything. There was flood damage just a mile from our home. It was really sad to experience all this loss and destruction.”

But Ramsay, who lives in the south Louisiana town of Loranger, about a 40 minute drive north of New Orleans, and her husband and family have brought hope to these flood victims by bringing lots of supplies donated by people and businesses right in Prescott.

Lonette and Jeremy Ramsay relocated to Prescott two plus years ago due to a job change in the construction business at the Flint Hills oil refinery in Rosemount, Minn. They lived in Prescott while he worked there. Another job change and back to Louisiana they went.  

Back home they witnessed the devastation from the floods. Thousands were and still are displaced from their homes.

On Aug. 23 the Ramsays came to Prescott with their 24-foot trailer to move the last of their belongings. They had room to take some supplies back with them. Lonette was visiting with neighbors Sally and Sonny Olson and their discussion turned into reality. 

Read more of this story in this week's print edition of the Prescott Journal, on newsstands and in town on Wednesday. 

Sonny and Salley Olson and Lonette Ramsay with a trailer filled with donated goods from Prescott to take down to Louisiana

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