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Monday, August 15, 2016

State rests its case in Kuehni trial

ELLSWORTH - The State of Wisconsin rested its case after the first week of the trial of Rose Marie Kuehni, the 45-year old Prescott woman charged in the murder of then boyfriend Douglas Bailey, 51, also of Prescott, at the Pierce County Courthouse.

There is no dispute between the two sides that Kuehni shot and killed Bailey at her home in Prescott but the defense, led by Kuehni's lawyer Mark Gherty, is arguing that Kuehni did so in self-defense while the prosecution, led by Pierce County Assistant DA William Thorie, is arguing Kuehni acted in premeditated manner. These arguments covered the introduction of many items of evidence into the trial record last week along with testimony from witnesses, particularly investigators and law enforcement officials who are part of the case. 

On Thursday of last week both family members of Kuehni, Tony and her son Wyatt, were excused from the case as the state did not plan any cross-examination of either witness and the defense said they did not need their testimony to make their case.

The trial resumes today and is scheduled to conclude on Thursday.

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