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Monday, August 22, 2016

Prescott School District's annual meeting this Wednesday

Budget consideration was the main topic before the Prescott School Board during its monthly meeting held last week Thursday in the library at Prescott Middle School.

Most of the budget will be decided upon during the annual meeting, which is being held Wednesday evening at 7:30 p.m. at Prescott Middle School.  The final budget numbers will be approved during the October school board meeting once enrollment numbers are given to the state and state aide adjusted. 

The annual meeting is open to all those citizens of the district of voting age.

The proposed budget for the 2016-17 school year has a mill rate of 12.41 percent, up from the 12.19 percent number in last year’s budget. The overall levy is also up to $8,875,004 from $8,715,836. Much of the money will go into the general fund ($6,369.967) with $2,379.856 going towards the referendum debt service fund. However, the net total expenditures for all funds of the budget, which spends $23,238.313, is well below the $42,625,575.00 spent in last year’s budget (the result of the building of the new school) and even below expenditures from the year 2014-15 ($28,852,143.00)

District superintendent Dr. Richard Spicuzza noted that while the budget is not completely balanced due to expenditures towards the Dexter St. fields project which hasn’t begun yet, the budget is the result of reductions in high school staff, moving middle school CTE classes to the science department and farm them out also to Prescott Community Education and to school clubs, delaying equipment purchases and a $5 increase of fees on middle school extra-curricular activities. Dr. Spicuzza also mentioned that the district is looking at contracting out for other services like mowing for example while the custodians focus primarily on building maintenance and cleanliness.

“This is a budget which is funded more by the state than by local tax dollars,” Dr. Spicuzza said. “It’s by a 55-44 percent split with one percent coming from federal monies.”

State aide comes to $8,446,312 which makes for $15,326,501 in total revenues and $15,359,323 in expenditures. These numbers are up from $14,791,639 spent in last year’s budget of the general fund.

Read more of the story of last week's school board meeting in this week's Prescott Journal, on newsstands and in town this Wednesday. 

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