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Monday, August 1, 2016

Prescott public beach closed due to flooding

Prescott Beach was forced to close in mid-July due to flooding. Public Works Director Hank Zwart said there’s a good chance the beach will re-open in early August and stay open through Labor Day weekend.

Flooding along the shorelines of the St. Croix River forced Prescott Beach to shut down on July 15. As of last week much of the small beach area was still underwater, including the bottom of the stairwell entry. Heavy rainfall throughout the summer has caused flooding in areas like Prescott and Stillwater.

Zwart said that Prescott Beach gets a lot of use during the summer.

“They usually have a crowd there every day,” he said.

There are always two lifeguards patrolling the area and swimming lessons are offered as well. Zwart added that lifeguards and city crew make sure the beach area is kept clean and free of glass and debris. Water conditions have been good for swimming this summer, according to Zwart.

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