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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Prescott City Council discusses 2017 budget parameters

Before Prescott city departments can draw up their budgets for next year the city council has to set down the outline for the whole budget, as they did during their meeting Monday evening.

Although the state law allows the city increase its levy by 1.32 percent, which is the percentage amount of net new construction in the village, board members came to a consensus to go with a zero percent levy increase. They also came to a consensus on a 2.5 percent wage increase for employees as they police union members are also set to receive a 2.5 percent wage increase.

Last year the city council agreed to go with an almost five percent levy increase under a nine percent allowable through net new construction.

What also might be included in the budget process for next year is a financing plan to energy efficiency projects  to city buildings. Such projects were also extensive discussed during Monday's meeting. The council declined to go ahead with authorizing all of them outside of city hall which is already budgeted for without a definite financing plan in place.

Before the meeting the city council held a special ceremony marking the 10th anniversary of the death of Prescott Police Officer Jackie Ryden while in the line of duty. His widow Lori was given a American Flag by Prescott Police Chief Gary Krutke.

Prescott Police Chief Gary Krutke and Prescott Police Officer Jesse Neely present an American flag to the family of Jackie Ryden during last night's city council meeting. Photo by Jack Hoschette

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