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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Prescott City Council approves liquor license for Vista Croix project

The City Council of Prescott unanimously approved a Class B Beer and Liquor license for the proposed Vista Croix project at its regular meeting last night.

The license covers all levels of the building, including the planned restaurant, lounge and outdoor bar. Normally such licenses are not approved unless there’s an actual establishment for the license to cover. But as city administrator Jayne Brand said to the council, granting the license would help Vista Croix be able to find more investors for financing and others to run the planned eating and drinking establishments inside. 

The licenses are granted for one year and if more such licenses are needed for new establishments in town, they city can purchase them from nearby townships for $10,000 in cost.

Read more on this and the city council meeting in this week's Prescott Journal on newsstands and in town Wednesday.

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