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Saturday, August 20, 2016

PHS loses season opener to Rhinelander 27-8

RHINELANDER - The Prescott High School football team lost its season opener against Rhinelander 27-8 at Mike Webster Field Friday evening.

Rhinelander took advantage of two big plays in the first half of the ballgame which put them up 14-0. Hodag receivers Alec Kurtz and Owen White caught nearly 60-yard plus TD passes, one on a busted defensive coverage and the other on White catching a tipped pass.

PHS had their big play opportunities too but unlike Rhinlenader didn't cash in. A blocked punt by Carson Stenroos which set-up PHS deep in Rhinelander territory resulted in zero points. A potential TD pass was dropped, as were numerous interception chances and a drive into Hodag territory before halftime also resulted in zero points.

"It's going to be the story of our season" PHS head coach Matt Smith said. "We have to make big plays and prevent them from happening to us and we didn't."

And by using such big plays to establish the lead, Rhinelander was able to wear down Prescott's defense in the second half using their superior depth. They scored two more TDs to take a 27-0 lead. The Cardinals didn't help their cause by committing two second half turnovers. Nor did it help when a handful of PHS players left the game due to injury.

PHS did crack the scoreboard with a four-yard touchdown run by Bo Smith late in the fourth quarter.

See more on this game in next week's edition of the Prescott Journal, on newsstands and in town on Wednesday.

Prescott defenders swarm around a Rhinelander ball carrier during Friday's contest in Rhinelander.


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