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Thursday, August 25, 2016

Kuehni to be tried again on murder charges, released on bond

ELLSWORTH - Rose Marie Kuehni, 45, Prescott, will be tried again for the murder of her then boyfriend Douglas Bailey, 51, Prescott.

After Wednesday's court session at the Pierce County Courthouse, county prosecutors announced they would re-try Kuehni on second-degree murder charges which a jury could not come to a verdict on. Kuehni was acquitted of first-degree murder charges while convicted of hiding a corpse by the same jury during an eight-day trial lasting from Aug. 8-18.

Kuehni admitting shooting the 20-gauge shotgun which killed Bailey back in November of 2015, hiding and then transporting his body to Illinois where it was taken by boyfriend Clarence Hicks, 66, of Harrodsburg, Kentucky, who hid the body and Bailey's personal belongings down a ravine off a highway near his home. He is also charged with hiding a corpse. Kuehni's defense is that Bailey abused and threatened her and her family and she feared for her life if she continued to live with him. 

Kuehni was released on a signature bond of $20,000 to her parents, well below the $100,000 bond against her when she was first arrested back in November of 2015. She plans on living with them in Pepin until the next trial begins.


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