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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Kuehni case now in hands of the jury

ELLSWORTH - The jury will now get to decide the fate of Rose Marie Kuehni,45, Prescott, charged first-degree murder and felony hiding a corpse in the death of former boyfriend Douglas Bailey, 51, also of Prescott.

Both Deputy District Attorney William Thorie and defense attorney Mark Gherty made their closing arguments this morning. After last minute instructions from Judge James Duvall, the jury retired to deliberate the case.

Yesterday experts in spousal abuse and battered-wife syndrome were called to the witness stand by the defense and cross-examined by the state. Also called to the stand were witnesses from the Pierce County Department of Human Services. A video of an interview of Kuehni's young-son Wyatt was also played before the jury.

Gherty had rested the defense case yesterday and made a motion to dismiss the charges, which was denied. Jury instructions on various pieces of evidence and on giving the verdict also took place.

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