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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Fuchs wins primary election for County Treasurer, Kind and Feingold win contested primaries

In the only contested Pierce County government office on the ballot this year, Kathy Fuchs defeated Michelle Burg in Tuesday's state primary election.

Fuchs amassed 891 votes to Burg's 593 votes in the Republican primary for Pierce County Treasurer. No other party is contesting the office so unless a write-in effort wins, Fuchs will be the next Pierce County Treasurer.

Fuchs is from Hager City and she is the treasurer/clerk for the Township of Trenton. Burg is the village clerk/treasurer for Plum City.

Fuchs was the winner in the City of Prescott and in the townships of Clifton and Diamond Bluff.

Other winners in contested primary elections were former U.S. Senator Russell Feingold and current Third District U.S. Congressman Ron Kind on the Democratic Party ballot. Feingold and Kind were big winners in the City of Prescott and the nearby townships.

Feingold will take on current U.S. Senator Ron Johnson, who beat Feingold in 2010 while Kind has no Republican or other non-major party opponents on the November ballot.

Also unopposed on the ballot yesterday were State Assemblyman Warren Petryk (R-Eleva), Pierce County Clerk Jamie Feuerhelm, Pierce County DA Sean Froelich, and Pierce County Register of Deeds Julie Hines. All three were on the Democrat ballot.

Read about the full election returns in next week's Prescott Journal.


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