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Thursday, July 21, 2016

Prescott School Board votes to get rid of Malone portables

The Prescott School Board unanimously voted to remove the portable classrooms from Malone Elementary School beginning Aug. 15.

The process involved in doing so will be an extensive one according to the district's buildings and grounds director Mike Hoikka.

"Power lines have to be turned off, wells for gas and water and sewer have to be capped, the ground has to excavated and then filled back in and the supports for the buildings have to be lowered and moved as well." Hoikka said.

The costs for removal come to around $60,000 but are one-time costs for removal compared to continuing costs for power, heat, water and rent according to Prescott District Superintendent Dr. Richard Spiucuzza said.

There was discussion over whether the land once the portabales were removed would have a layer of asphalt over it as it did before or something else as suggested by board member Josias Franco. There was also discussion over whether the costs should be paid from the district's general fund or the budget.

Board Chairman Mark Helmer said a decision on the funding question could be put off until the bill comes due for the removal, some 30 to 60 days afterward when the budget situation will be in better focus.

For more on the school board meeting read next week's Prescott Journal, on newsstands and in town on Wednesday.

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