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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Giving a cheer from Prescott all the way to Amman - Cheerling team led by PHS needs to raise funds to compete

Cheerleaders can do more than just cheer at sporting events.

In fact cheerleading can be competitive sport, combining the best of dance, gymnastics and acrobatics.

And for a place where cheerleading itself was something unusual, competitive cheer was even more exotic.

But Prescott High School graduate (Class of 1997) Lacey Kae Reichert and her daughters Heidi Kae Reichert and Baby-Holly Diaz Reichert not only helped to build-up a cheerleading squad to the American Community School (ACS) in Amman, Jordan, but one which can be good enough compete world-wide in competitive cheer meets and competitions. They just need the funds to do so.

“As you can imagine, cheerleading was not an immediate natural fit for this conservative and predominately Muslim country like Jordan,” Lacey Kae, who is the team’s coach, said. “It started off as a dance team, but over time we've grown it into more. Once the students saw footage of other squads around the world, they soon became interested in this co-ed sport. Before long we had students from many countries joining. Muslims, Christians and Buddhists working together, building a bridge of peace between the West and the Middle East through choreographed motions.” 

Read more of this story in the print edition of the Prescott Journal on newsstands and in town Wednesday.

Members of the ACS School Cheer Squad in Amman, Jordan

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