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Friday, June 17, 2016

Prescott School Board sets up special meeting to deal with personnel, other budget questions

The Prescott School Board will hold a special meeting on June 27 to deal with questions over personnel staffing, busing routes and schools programs and classes relating to the successful referendum held back on May 25.

A decision to hold a special meeting was made by the board during its monthly meeting held this past Wednesday. It was the first official board meeting since the referendum and during the three weeks in between rumors around the community about what the board was intending to do with the fund which were now being put back into the budget thanks to the overwhelming vote in favor of the referendum.

Several citizens spoke during this meeting in support of keeping in-city busing routes and specific staff positions, like school counselor at Malone Elementary for example.

The board also discussed moving plans for the new high school building and moving items from Malone to the current high school building this summer.

More on this story can be found in the print edition of the Prescott Journal on newsstands and in town next Wednesday.

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