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Monday, June 6, 2016

Judge orders photos, other defense items sealed

ELLSWORTH - Judge James Duvall ordered certain items of evidence planned to be used by the defendant Rose Marie Kuehni,45, Prescott, during her trial for homicide and hiding the corpse of boyfriend Douglas Bailey, also of Prescott, during a motion hearing on the case held last Thursday at the Pierce County Courthouse.

Kuehni stands accused of murdering Bailey with shots fired from a shotgun and then hiding his corpse at her home before having a friend of hers, Clarence Hicks of Kentucky, take the body and hide it near his home last November.

Judge Duvall gave the order upon the request of Kuehni's attorney Mark Gherty. The evidence included photos and letters and a video which the defense plans to use to stake its claim that Kuehni had killed Bailey in self-defense due to fears her life was under threat by him. Duvall agreed to the request after going through over 60 items of such evidence with Gherty and Pierce County Assistant DA William Thorie to rule for admissibility in trial during the hearing.

Thorie had introduced a state motion to allow as evidence for the trial action by the defendant to indicate premeditation on her part, including recordings of her conversations with Bailey and the installing of an application on Bailey's cellphone to allow Kuehni to track his whereabouts. Gherty argued the recordings the state introduced were selectively edited. Judge Duvall stated he would listening to the recordings and make a judgment on their admissibility.

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