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Thursday, May 12, 2016

Wrisky Ranch’s Team Newton takes on challenge to train rescue horse

CLIFTON - Meet Newton.

Newton is the challenge horse received by the Wrisky Ranch, which is located on CTH. MM near Clifton Highlands Golf Course. He was given to the ranch by the Minnesota Animal Rescue Foundation (MHARF) as part of its 2016 Challenge of the Unwanted Horse.

Those who accept the challenge have to train Newton and other rescue horses - those given up or abandoned by previous owners either for financial reasons or if the previous owner passes away - into being adoptable horses to new owners once again. There are some 19 horses either being trained by individuals or by groups who are part of the challenge this year and the winner will be chosen at the University of Minnesota’s Leatherdale Equine Center in Falcon Heights, Minn., on the edge of the U’s St. Paul campus, Sept. 17. The horses will be judged in five competitive classes and considerable prizes will be awarded.

“The Challenge is done to raise awareness the problems these horses find themselves in when their previous owners can’t take of them anymore,” Rochelle Wrisky said. “Newton has been really easy to work with so far. We’ve dealt with horses from abuses cases that are hard to work with because of a lack of trust towards humans. Some don’t quite make it back. But Newton has been so eager to please and is very smart.”

A four person team from the Wrisky Ranch - which has been open since 2009 to care for abandoned or abused horses and also to board horses and offer riding lessons as well – has been working with Newton for the past two months since receiving him from a foster farm family in Milaca, Minn. back in early April.  The team members are Brandy Navarro, Carol Bernett, Missy Merritt and Wrisky with Taylor Merritt as their public relations person. All live in the Prescott area and work with horses. 

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Team Newton member Brandy Navarro stands next to Newton at the Wrisky Ranch

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