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Thursday, May 26, 2016

Prescott School District referendum passes overwhelmingly

The Prescott School District referendum passed by over a thousand votes yesterday.

The final unofficial totals were 1,604 Yes votes and 603 No votes. 

The referendum called for the district to exceed the state-imposed levy caps by $1.46 million in recurring funding. This was the level of funding which the district had before the referendum back in February, which was turned down by 34 votes, thus there was no increase in taxes from what district citizens were paying before. A No victory would have meant an $200 property tax cut but it also meant cuts of $1.46 million which would have cut bus routes, mothballed the current high school, 10 percent budget cuts across the board and the end of middle school athletic programs.

The breakdown of the vote by city and town were as follows:

City of Prescott - 892-288 Yes
Town of Clifton - 232-83 Yes
Town of Oak Grove - 426-201 Yes
Town of Diamond Bluff - 33-13 Yes
Town of Trimbelle - 21-8 Yes

Prescott Superintendent Dr. Richard Spicuzza said the fact all parts of the district approved the referendum was most gratifying part of yesterday's vote.

"We need to thank everyone for their votes and for being involved in the election process," Dr. Spicuzza said. "The fact we had positive votes in every corner of the district is very important in moving forward."

More on this story in next week's Prescott Journal on newsstands Wednesday.

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