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Monday, April 4, 2016

Spring Election Day is Tuesday, April 5 - Polls open at 7 a.m. and close at 8 p.m.

The spring election in Wisconsin takes place this upcoming Tuesday, April 5 and features two important statewide races.

First is the Wisconsin Presidential Primary, one of the oldest in the nation as it was first established in 1912. Voters will decide upon the main and still actively seeking candidates both the Democratic and Republican parties’ nomination for President of the United States. The winner takes the majority share of delegates to each party’s national nominating conventions this summer.

In the Democratic Party, Former Secretary of State (2009-14) and U.S. Senator from New York (2001-2009) and former First Lady Hilary Clinton is facing Vermont U.S. Senator and former U.S House member (1991-2007) Bernie Sanders. On the Republican Party ballot, businessman Donald Trump is facing Texas U.S. Senator Ted Cruz and Ohio Governor and former Congressman (1983-2001) John Kasich.  Voters can choose either party’s ballot as this is an open primary. Democrats split their delegates proportionally to the percentage of the vote of each candidate gets while Republicans will grant the statewide winner of their primary 15 delegates and the winners of each of the state’s eight Congressional districts will receive three delegates. 

The other statewide election is for the Supreme Court. Incumbent Justice Rebecca Bradley is running for a full term on the court after having been appointed to the court by Governor Scott Walker upon the death of Justice Patrick Crooks last year. She had served on the state’s court of appeals before then and has 16 years on the bench with another 19 years as a lawyer in private practice. She is being challenged by State Court of Appeals Judge JoAnne Kloppenburg. Kloppenburg won a seat on the court in 2012. From 1989-2011 she had been an assistant attorney general in the state Department of Justice and before then had been a law clerk for both State Supreme Court Justice Shirley Abrahamson and Western District Federal Judge Barbra Crabb. She had ran for the State Supreme Court once before in 2011 and nearly defeated incumbent Justice David Prosser.

Both candidates were the top two vote getters out of three candidates in the primary which took place back on Feb. 16.

Other judicial elections on the ballot include Circuit Court Judge, where Joseph Boles is running unopposed and Court of Appeals Judge District 3 where Thomas Hruz is also running unopposed.
Locally, the only contested election will be in Oak Grove Township. Voters must pick two candidates to fill two seats on the board out of three candidates running: Incumbent Debra McClure, Incumbent Eugene Schommer and challenger Bill Parks.

Local incumbents on the Prescott City Council, Prescott School Board and the Pierce County Board will all be running unopposed. 

All three incumbents are running again for the Prescott School Board. They are Mike Matzek, Josias Franco and Tanya Holub.

Incumbents running again an unopposed representing local districts on the Pierce County Board are Robert Mercord, District No. 1 (City of Prescott); LeRoy Peterson, District No. 2 (Clifton Township), Dan Reis, District No. 13 (Oak Grove Township) Jerry Kosin, District No. 15 (Oak Grove Township) and Board Chairman Jeff Holst, District No. 16 (Diamond Bluff Township).

Incumbents officially running unopposed on the Prescott City Council are At-Large Alderman Jack Hoschette and Wards No. 1 and No. 2 Alderwoman Maureen Otwell.

Also running unopposed in the City of Prescott are Mayor David Hovel and Municipal Judge Patrick Eich.

Polls open at 7 a.m. on Tuesday and will close at 8 p.m.  Voters will be asked for identification before voting.  Local polling stations in the Prescott area and their administrators, with contact phone number for any questions, are as follows:
City of Prescott – Prescott City Hall, 800 Borner St., Jayne Brand (715) 262-5544
Town of Clifton – Clifton Town Hall, W11705, CTH. FF, Judy Clement-Lee (715) 426-6332
Town of Oak Grove – Oak Grove Town Hall, N4939, 1100th St., Dan Reis, (715) 262-4005
Town of Diamond Bluff – Diamond Bluff Town Hall, W9870, 290th Ave., Todd Mehrken (612) 987-1059
Town of Trimbelle – Trimbelle Town Hall, N5310, 800th St., Mary Kees (715) 273-5860

Some voters must submit proof of residence with their voter registration. This includes you if:
• You are registering for the first time and submitted your form by mail, or
• You are registering to vote less than 20 days before Election Day.

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