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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Prescott City Council approves plat plan for Lake St.

A proposal to officially plat property lines and lots on Lake St. was approved unanimously by the Prescott City Council at its meeting Monday evening. All members and Mayor David Hovel were present.

The assessor’s plat proposal is being done to allow for street improvement work to take place on Lake St. as requested by citizens living in the neighborhood. But before that can happen, proper platting for lot boundaries and right-of-ways have to take place first in an area which such property line boundaries have been done informally from neighbor-to-neighbor in the past.

City Administrator Jayne Brand said city councils in the past have put off such platting largely to avoid the disputes it could cause trying to create definite lines on a map for the reported 62 parcels, including some the city owns like the public beach.

Indeed, Alderperson Galen Seipel warned that some home owners on Lake St are not going to like to new plats and Alderperson Jack Hoschette stated that setting property lines beyond just the street itself, all the way to the St. Croix River, is a thicket the city has avoided in the past for those very reasons.

However the council came to a consensus there’s no other way to do work on Lake St. without such definite boundaries and voted unanimously for the proposal and the $60,000 cost. The platting work will be carried out by Cedar Corp. public engineering firm out of Menomonie with the company absorbing any costs above $60,000. 

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