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Friday, April 29, 2016

PHS graduation rate well above state, national average

The four-year graduation rate at Prescott High School is 93.4 percent, which is above the state average of 88.4 percent and the national rate of 82.3%

These graduation statistics were part of a press release issued by the state's Department of Public Instruction yesterday.

The five-year graduation rate for PHS is 96.4 percent and for six years its a perfect 100 percent.

Wisconsin had 57,698 students graduate from high school with a regular diploma in 2015, a
graduation rate of 88.4 percent that bests the national rate of 82.3 percent (Class of 2014). Wisconsin’s graduation rate remained largely unchanged
from 2014, down two-tenths of a percent.
Both state and federal law provide additional time for students to complete their high school education, recognizing that illness or injury, personal or family events, and lifetime or temporary disabilities can make it difficult for some students to finish high school in four years. In Wisconsin, an additional 1,480 students who were in the Class of 2014 cohort earned a regular diploma, taking an extra year to do so. The 2014-15 five-year graduation rate is 91.6 percent
For the Class of 2013 cohort, an additional 2,133 students earned a diploma in six years after starting high school. The 2014-15 six-year graduation rate is 92.1 percent.

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