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Thursday, April 28, 2016

Court hearing in Kuehni case results in Judge's order to state to provide more for defense

ELLSWORTH - A contentious motion hearing in the case of Rose Marie Kuehni, the Prescott woman charged with murder of Douglas Bailey, also of Prescott, resulted in presiding judge's order for the state to provide more information to the defense.

The hearing took place last week Tuesday at the Pierce County Courthouse. Another motion hearing was scheduled for May 26 at 2 p.m.

Kuehni's defense attorney Mark Gherty admonished the state for not providing a list of expert witnesses they were planning to use for the upcoming trial scheduled for August 8. Pierce County Assistant DA William Thorie said the state had been unable to determine what witnesses it plans to call forth.

"There's still a lot that's uncertain and to be determined as to what evidence will be allowed to be used at trial," Thorie said. "We're not sure who to name and it's premature at this time to provide such names."

Judge James Duvall, however said the state must at least provide the defense a list of possible expert witnesses it might call to the stand.

"There are several witnesses you could possible use, such as the medical examiner for example," Judge Duvall said, "and if you don't use them you just discard them from the list."

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