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Sunday, April 17, 2016

Congressman Kind Calls for Easier & Fairer Tax System for Wisconsinites

WASHINGTON D.C. - This coming Monday, April 18th is Tax Day and U.S. Rep. Ron Kind is highlighting the need for a more simple and fair tax system. The current tax system is outdated and overly complicated. Rep. Kind has long pushed for comprehensive tax reform, which would simplify and streamline our tax code.

“Far too many hardworking Wisconsinites and small businesses struggle each year to file their taxes because of our burdensome and complicated tax system.  We need to be putting policies in place that would simplify the process and make it work for hardworking people not just large corporations and special interests,” said Rep. Kind. 

Earlier this week Rep. Kind introduced bipartisan legislation that would help bring tax fairness to Indian tribes. His legislation would allow tribal governments to be treated the same ways as other governments in a number of ways, including better access to child support collection and tax credits for adoption of special needs children. 

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