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Sunday, March 27, 2016

Sen. Baldwin’s new legislation to accelerate water technologies receives strong support

WASHINGTON, D.C. – New legislation introduced last week by Wisconsin’s U.S. Senator Tammy Baldwin received strong support from The Water Council, the Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District and National Association of Clean Water Agencies. 

 “The time has come where we as a nation have to face up to the reality that we have some very pressing issues with respect to the water resources that we use to keep our manufacturers operating and our citizens safe,” stated Dean Amhaus, President and CEO of The Water Council.  “Senator Baldwin’s proposed legislation will be an important and critical step in fostering new, innovative procedures and products in the marketplace and in communities that would help address these tremendous national challenges.”

 Examples of Water Technologies being developed in partnership with the Water Council:
 ·         Sensors that can be installed at the end of a faucet to alert the user when the water coming out of the tap is dangerous.
 ·         New treatment strategies to capture phosphorous in the waste treatment process, which could provide new options to the many treatment facilities that are considering installing expensive new filters, or for agriculture waste treatment.
 ·         New tools that will help cities monitor their water and wastewater pipes more easily, to help detect sources of contamination and protect water supplies

The United States is facing enormous infrastructure maintenance and investment costs for the water infrastructure we depend on to deliver safe drinking water and safely treat wastewater.  The American Water Works Association estimates that in the next 25 years, investment costs are more than a billion dollars to keep our water system functioning properly, and to avoid costly and hazardous pipe breaks.  Estimated costs for wastewater treatment systems are even higher.  As communities consider how to keep residents safe in the most effective way, they need new strategies—from innovations in water technology—that can help reduce these substantial costs. 

Senator Baldwin’s Water Technology Acceleration Act would accelerate the development and deployment of water technologies to solve our most pressing water challenges, including lead safety, phosphorous reduction, and treatment of bacteria and nitrates.

“In Wisconsin, we are leading the development of these new solutions. The Water Council and its partners—from our research labs to the many companies in our region—are doing incredible work to find innovative new ways to better test, monitor, treat, and deliver water,” Senator Baldwin said. “We need to strongly support this work because their innovation will change how communities respond to water crises, improve public health, and help us address water scarcity.”

Senator Baldwin’s reforms would create a federal role for accelerating the testing, deployment and encouraging the commercialization of technologies, including pipes with smart sensors that can tell you when water is contaminated or when water pressure is dropping. The legislation would also help accelerate technologies to address livestock waste treatment systems, green infrastructure, and updated stream gauges, which can help reduce the costs of variety of water problems, such as upgrading water infrastructure and treating manure that runs into surface waters. 

 ·         Creates the Innovative Water Technology Grant Program: These grants would fund public-private partnerships that deploy, test and improve emerging water technologies.  Grants could be used to address water quality issues, such as new real-time sensors that can alert users when tap water is contaminated, improvements to residential filtration technologies that address groundwater contamination, and piloting of technologies that treat manure on farms.
 ·         Supports Communities to use Innovative Technologies to address Drinking Water challenges: The bill would help communities deploy innovative technologies to address their drinking water challenges.  Many communities face threats to the quality of their drinking water sources, and this bill would help them pilot solutions they would not otherwise have the ability to deploy.  It would also help them to provide better information to residents, so that families can have certainty every time they turn on the water that the water coming from their tap is safe.  The bill would require EPA to evaluate the barriers to greater adoption of updated water technology, and provide technical assistance to help communities use new technologies successfully piloted elsewhere.
 ·         Supports Communities to use Innovative Technologies to address wastewater and storm runoff challenges: The bill would also support communities to pilot new approaches to wastewater treatment and storm runoff.  Many communities face enormous costs to updating their systems to meet water treatment requirements.  Water technologies can help reduce those costs to ratepayers by focusing investments on new approaches that achieve the same water quality improvements and may have additional benefits to the community and ecosystem.  For instance, green infrastructure projects such as rain gardens and porous pavement can reduce the need for additional storm water storage structures, and also result in cleaner water as the storm water is better filtered before it drains into our rivers and lakes. The bill would require EPA to evaluate the barriers to greater adoption of updated water technology, and provide technical assistance to help communities use new technologies successfully piloted elsewhere.

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