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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

School board officially sets new referendum date for May 25, asks for $1.46 million

The date of new Prescott School District referendum and the question being voted on was officially set by the Prescott School Board during a special meeting held Monday evening at the Prescott Middle School cafeteria.

The board voted 4-1 to both set the date of referendum on May 25 and to ask district voters to approve exceeding the levy cap limits by $1.46 million, the same rate they were at before the “sunset” referendum that was turned down by the voters during the Feb. 16 election.

Steve Sizemore voted against both motions stating he thought the board was acting too hastily.
“We don’t know if this amount is what we should be asking for or if we should be asking for more,” Sizemore said. “I’ve heard many comments from residents saying we should ask for what we need to operate the district and I don’t feel $1.46 million, which was a number set five years ago, is enough.”

Board member Mike Matzek said in response the district has to respect the will of the voters who voted down the referendum because they felt it was too much to ask from them.

“Whatever we ask for has to fit the public’s tax tolerance,” Matzek said. “I don’t think we’re acting hasty here. We have thought about this and worked on these numbers for a long time.  To me it only makes sense to go back to the voters where they were at before, what they’ve approved before. Thus, we have to compromise and tighten our belts.”

The date which was chosen, Wednesday, May 25, was done so there were no conflicting activities on the same the day which could hurt voter turnout.

“I heard a lot of comments about how having activities that day affected the vote,” board member Tanya Holub said. “To me, if you can’t make it on Election Day for whatever reason you should vote absentee.”

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