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Friday, March 4, 2016

Proposed new town hall in Clifton pushed back

CLIFTON - If a proposed new town hall for Clifton Township is built it probably won't be in time for for the November election.

Discourse from Tuesday's town hall meeting indicated the town board wished to review potential construction options available to it and related costs for either a new facility or the possibility of just a stand alone bathroom facility to meet the needs of election workers.

Debate centered around the kind of facility the township needed and whether it would be cheaper just to build the needed bathroom facilities and making the current town hall up to standards for handicapped access than building a brand new town hall.

Town Board member Joe Rohl said he also wanted to have what plans the board decides on to be put to a referendum of the townships residents.

More on this and other parts of the Town of Clifton meeting in next week's print edition Prescott Journal, on newsstands Wednesday.

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