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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Prescott City Council unanimously approves succession plan for emergencies

The Prescott City Council unanimously approved a resolution establishing a line of succession for proclaiming a state of emergency or disaster area within the city.

The resolution was put together as a result of a recent special meeting of the council on emergency government. The line of succession is to be established to where an individual city council member can act in succession on behalf of the mayor and the city council in prompt and needed fashion - until such time the mayor and council can meet in a regular session - and declare a state of emergency or disaster area. Such a state would then be subject to council action as soon as a regular session can meet.

The line of succession was established as follows: Mayor, Council President, Wards 1&2 Alderperson, Wards 3&4 Alderperson, Wards 5&6 Alderperson, Alderperson at Large 1, Alderperson at Large 2 and Alderperson at Large 3.

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