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Thursday, February 4, 2016

Prescott Chamber of Commerce award winners named

RIVER FALLS - The Prescott Chamber of Commerce held its annual dinner Wednesday evening at Kilkarney Hills Golf Course.

The group's 2015 award winners include:
Special Recognition Award:  Rick Allen  & Paula & Walt Weisbeck
Ambassador of the Year:  Amber Hanson
Chamber Member of the Year:  Julie Moe
Educator of the year:  Jeff Ryan

The new Prescott Chamber of Commerce President is Phil Helgeson of the law firm of Heywood, Cari & Anderson.

For more on this story read next week's Prescott Journal on newsstands Wednesday.

Prescott Chamber of Commerce's 2015 award winners from left: Ron Murphy, Amber Hanson, Jeff Ryan, Julie Moe, Walt Weisbeck, Paula Weisbeck and Beth Johnson.

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