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Sunday, February 28, 2016

New collectible poster celebrates St. Croix River's water, wildlife, and geology

STILLWATER, Minn.  – St. Croix 360 is proud to premiere a one-of-a-kind poster designed by Minnesota artist Wade Wenzel, celebrating the Saint Croix National Scenic Riverway. The poster is now available on the See America Project website – and each purchase will support river conservation (http://bitly.com/SeeStCroixRiver).

The “See the St. Croix” poster features a sturgeon, a living fossil, a hundred years old, the species 200 million years old, a conservation success story; clean waters, shimmering and crystal clear on hot August days, when boaters floating over shallow water might spy a sturgeon below; and its geology, in the cobblestones, forged by volcanoes, carried by glaciers and floods.

Poster creator Wade Wenzel is a Minnesota illustrator and graphic designer who “enjoys creating things, paddling, and daydreaming of one while doing the other.” Wade graduated from Stillwater Area High School in 1998 and frequently canoes, kayaks, and fishes the St. Croix.

“The river is still so great because of people and groups that work to protect it,” says Wenzel. “That’s why we’re trying to help the St. Croix River Association keep doing what it’s doing.”

Two dollars from every purchase will be donated to the organization.

Posters are available in two sizes and framed or unframed. Each poster is hand-printed in Los Angeles. Matte paper and high quality inks make for a vibrant image.

“Wade really captured the St. Croix River’s magic in this design,” says St. Croix 360 editor Greg Seitz. “It's modern in appearance but it has an ancient feeling that the river often brings out.”

The poster can be purchased at this link: http://bitly.com/SeeStCroixRiver

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