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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

DNR hiring part-time wardens, rangers across Wisconsin

From DNR News Service

MADISON - The Department of Natural Resources this week launched a statewide recruitment process to hire about 72 deputy conservation wardens and rangers for part-time positions across Wisconsin.

You have until February 17 to apply for these law enforcement jobs. This is a joint hiring process involving DNR's Bureau of Law Enforcement, Division of Forestry and the Parks program.

You'll see these positions listed as LTE -- or DNR limited-term employee positions. What does that mean?

A DNR deputy warden (or LTE warden) is a part-time conservation warden who works directly with, and under the direction of, a full-time DNR conservation warden. The LTE ranger operates with the same law enforcement authority as a full-time DNR ranger, but is a part-time employee. You also could think of these positions as seasonal jobs.

Use the links below to learn more about applying for these part-time positions in law enforcement. Remember, you must apply by February 17.

The DNR Deputy Warden announcement is here:


The LTE Ranger announcement is here:


Here's the link to the LTE listing of all seasonal jobs. If you use this link, please scroll through the list and you'll see the law enforcement announcements as ID numbers 9932 and 9933 near the bottom:


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