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Thursday, January 14, 2016

Prescott School District touts good test scores at school board meeting

The results of recent test scores from last school were just release by the state's Department of Education. Those results were positive for the Prescott School District as they were discussed at the monthly school board meeting Wednesday.

"These scores show we have a lot to be proud of with our schools," Nikki Benson, Directing of Teacher and Learning in the Prescott School District.

The tests results given were the ACT, which 99 percent of the district's juniors at Prescott High School took last school year and the Badger Exam, which tested 3-8 graders in Malone Elementary and Prescott Middle School in English and Math.

The results in the ACT showed 58 percent PHS juniors were proficient or advanced in English and 40 percent proficient or advanced in Math (there are four categories: below basic, basic, proficient and advanced). The composite ACT score, which for the first time nearly all the students took not just those college bound, was 20.8 which was above the state average and with or above several local school districts.

The test scores at the elementary and middle school were even better.  With the Badger Exam, Prescott students tested at 61 percent proficient or advanced in English and 51 percent proficient and advanced in Math.

More on these test scores and on the school board meeting will in next week's Prescott Journal.

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