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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Prescott School District holds first informational meeting on upcoming referendum

The first of two informational and question and answer meetings sponsored by the Prescott School District on the upcoming referendum to exceed state imposed revenue caps was held in the Prescott High School library Monday evening, Jan. 11.

The first hour of the meeting was given to a presentation by school board members Josias Franco and Mike Matzek on why the district needs the referendum, which is on the Feb. 16 election ballot, to enact a levy increase past the state imposed revenue caps and why it needs the referendum to pass. 

Questions were asked after the presentations and the rest of the meeting allowed for citizens to question school board members, district administrators and teacher leaders and members of the ad hoc committee of district citizens and school board members which put together the plan for the levy increase.

Franco pointed out the district’s voters have approved every referendum the district has put forth since 1999. The current levy is at $1,460,000 and approval of the referendum will increase it to $1,870,000 or about a $46 increase per $100,000 of assessed value. This levy will cover operating expenses through to 2020.

“State law since 1993 set state aid district budgets at two-thirds with local tax revenue making up the other third,” Franco said. “The amount of money a district could levy was capped and revenues could only be raised through having more students or by overriding the caps through a referendum, which is where we are at right now.”

See more on the meeting in this week's edition of the Prescott Journal, on newsstands Wednesday.


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